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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

OK enough of this shilly-shallying. Look at that, the first and last post was from Adelaide Con! Now I will be blogging about Aussiecon and trying to keep myself in order.
I'm on three panels -

1500 Room 216 'Spoiler Alert: reviewing plot-driven fiction without giving the story away'.

1700 Room 210 'Love hurts: why is paranormal romance so popular with teens?

1300 Room 219 How to review.

Other happenings - I'm interviewing Glenda Larke for Aurealis 45 - we'll have breakfast on Friday.
I'm going to the AHWA horrible ball on Friday evening at nine, will probably have my grandson with me.
I'm invited to the Orbit party, room 201 on Sunday.
I have to do a review with photos for NSWWC Newswrite magazine and get it sent off on Sunday night to catch the deadline.